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Five reasons to choose a SIRVA-preferred real estate agent:

  1. Our national coverage reaches hundreds of certified brokers covering over 160 metropolitan areas
  2. SIRVA-Team agents meet the following guidelines to be a part of our network:
    • Three (3) years experience successfully selling real estate full timeA
    • Two (2) years experience handling corporate relocationsA
    • Closed a minimum of twenty (20) real estate transactions, six (6) of which were corporate referrals, within the last twelve (12) months (varies in smaller markets)*
  3. Our preferred agents have been trained and certified by SIRVA:
    • Completed specific brokerage-sponsored relocation training
    • Once this agent has been approved, the agent must complete SIRVA-team Agent training annually
  4. Our agents are screened on an annual basis and must meet certain criteria in order to stay in our network
  5. Experienced agents = faster home sales and smart home purchases

ASIRVA does expect its Preferred Broker Network brokers to place agents that have to significant experience and a full understanding of relocation.  However, actual agent experience levels may vary from the guidelines based on market availability, transaction size or other factors. You are selecting the agent so it is important that you request the agent’s qualifications and interview each agent to make sure you are comfortable with the agent you select, their services and that they can satisfactorily represent you in your transaction.

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